Web development
digital solutions

We create a working product with a thoughtful and large-scale architecture. We develop, launch and supervise the introduction as well as the training.

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UI | UX Design

There are three reactions to a design - yes, no and WOW! The "Wow" is the reaction we aim for! As UI and UX designers, we deal with the visible surface, i.e. the user experience design, and adapt it to the user.

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Mobile Apps

sonono has the knowledge and skills to develop reliable, scalable and feature-rich mobile applications. Be it for iOS or Android. We develop apps that are user-friendly and modern in design. We use the programming languages Flutter, Kotlin, Java for Android and Swift and Flutter for iOS.

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Software development

We support your business infrastructure with scalable software that improves important aspects of your business. Use our industry-specific knowledge to develop and scale your new business software solution.

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Blockchain development

sonono has already successfully launched many blockchain projects. Thanks to our extensive experience and broad expertise, we are among the experts in this field and can support you in understanding this technology better and building your project on the blockchain basis. We also offer blockchain training so that you can get ahead without our help.


Thank you very much for the great cooperation and trust!


We use the technologies and platforms below for development

back end


front end

htmlcssjavascripttypescriptjqueryreactnext jsvuenuxt jssveltegatsby


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    Which values define us?

    A company's values tell you whether a company suits you or not. sonono is well organized, we bring enthusiasm to what we do and are always cheerful and sociable. Our way of working ensures excellent quality and we know how to solve problems in a simple way.

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    How did the story of sonono come about?

    The founders of sonono GmbH have always had other goals than just being employed in one company. In mid-2019 they took the step into self-employment and founded sonono GmbH. The company has grown very quickly, survived the Corona crisis very well and is looking to the future with great confidence and curiosity.

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    How do we want to differentiate ourselves from other providers?

    The sonono team is young, but has a lot of experience, since all team members have been involved in programming and design at a young age and have already worked on many projects. The team is motivated, flexible and always up to date when it comes to the latest technologies and blockchain

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    Why should someone start a cooperation with us and not a competitor?

    sonono offers good value for money for top Swiss quality. Even after the end of the project, the customer can rely on long-term and stable support. We appreciate the projects and do our best in what we do


We have been available to our customers since 2018 and are more motivated than ever! We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your project!

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Waleed El Sayed

CEO & Blockchain Developer

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Mahmoud AL Hariri

CEO & Designer


We would be happy to invite you for a coffee and let us be inspired by your idea! We then do our best to bring your project to life!